• Type(s): Commercial

The Merino NZ office space was in need of a lighting design in keeping with their industrial aesthetic that juxtaposed with a contemporary nod to New Zealand's rugged landscape. In conjunction with Gaze Commercial, Lighthouse created lighting designs for the entrance, office and presentation areas.

The primary lighting used in the office was direct/indirect linear extrusion from HAWKO to provide strong task lighting, with indirect lighting to make the space feel brighter and help reduce contrast. 

It was important for the entry lighting to highlight key features: the moss wall, reception, and guiding lighting through the spaces. Bendable LED lighting from LEDS-C4 was used to create this guiding light which the client chose to make blue to represent the flow of a river.

In the presentation space, flexibility was key, so track lighting was used. Black fittings were chosen to hide the lighting.

Interior Designer - Anel Difford from Gaze Commercial

Photography - Anthony Turnham

Merino NZ