• Type(s): Residential

Short stay accommodation complex Plume Villas required lights for the units themselves and lighting for the grounds, making this a two part project.

The client wanted to create a clean, modern look for the units and landscaping that was both functional and stylish.  Exterior lighting on the units was achieved by using the Wilson from LEDS-C4 for a defined effect, framing and drawing attention to the entrances. Indirect lighting was used in the interior of all units to create a relaxed atmosphere. The largest unit had the highest specification, so careful consideration was given to the integration of lighting into building elements such as the exposed steel beams.

Creating a safe walkway to the units at night, as well as highlighting the landscaped gardens, was vital to the overall presence. To light the pathways we used the Peak from Linealight to create a wide spread of lighting while emitting almost no glare and keeping visual comfort high. Other Linealight bollards were used to highlight key intersections and the main entry into the villas.

Architect - Designpoint Architecture

Photography - Lighthouse

37 Sharp