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Sputnik - 1957 Suspension


Ø 982mm x 2100mm H
16x 6W 2700K E14 LED
Brass Gold & Black

Designed by Stilnovo in 1957.
Like fireworks, the Sputnik expands in all directions in an explosion of light. The sixteen-arm structure in precious brass with galvanic gilding is elegantly combined with the ends available in black, ivory or in the lively
multicolored variant.

Brass body with galvanic gilding, suspended via an interchangeable rigid rod that comes in two sizes (included). Finishes in metal painted black, ivory or in a multicoloured white/ivory/yellow/green/red/light blue/blue/black pattern. 6W 2700K E14 LED light bulbs included. Brass wire casing.

Subject to availability – Indent item
Available in different finishes. 

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