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Diphy - 2016 Suspension


536mm x 305mm, max drop 2200mm
20W LED 3000K 2609lm
PMMA, Aluminium.

Design by Mirco Crosatto in 2016.

Diphylleya Grayi is an extremely special Asian flower whose petals, on contact with water, become incredibly transparent! Inspired by the extraordinariness of nature, Diphy combines functionality with design. A modern suspension light with hanging leaves that seem to fall, swaying in a gentle breeze; a large and bright arched floor lamp to bring a unique look to residential and non-residential spaces.

Diphy is a collection of luminous and transparent petals, combining natural aesthetics with a technological soul. The central source transmits light to the curving edges whilst the micro-incisions of the surfaces create soft and uniform ambient lighting. OptiLight™ technology allows Diphy to disappear from view when switched off, only to magically reappear when switched on.

Diffuser in transparent laser micro engraved PMMA with OptiLight™ technology and thermal-bent. Central body in white painted aluminium, dimmable topLED source with controlled emission and high visual comfort. Ceiling rose in white painted metal. Support/conductor cables in steel.
Recess-mounted suspension installable on plasterboard and wood surfaces, with cover for installation hole in white painted metal.

Subject to availability – Indent item
Available in different sizes & finishes. 

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