• Type(s): Commercial, Outdoor and Decorative Lighting
  • Style: Commercial Project

LEDS-C4 is a Spanish lighting manufacturer with more than 40 years experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality lighting products. It is based in the village of Tora about an hour from Barcelona. LEDS-C4 started making top end alabaster fittings and became known as the world's leading manufacturer of alabaster. In the late 1990’s, Grok was formed as a top end designer range, showcasing some of the best designer products in the world. Head designer Joseph Patsi leads an impressive design team which includes French artist Celine Wright, Estudi Ribaudi, Jordi Llopis, Ramon Valls and Gemma Bernal. 

LEDS-C4 also operate a technical division who design and manufacture street, commercial and retail lighting and have a custom division who specialise in hotel and hospitality lighting. The company have their own test lab where all fittings are rigorously tested to European standard to ensure that the end user has many years of enjoyment. Forty thousand square metres of warehousing near Cervera ensure a smooth supply of products to customers all over the world.

Project References
The featured LEDS-C4 projects include:
- Las Arenas de Barcelona, Barcelona