• Type(s): Residential & Commercial

IRIS CRISTAL BOHEMIA is the luxury brand name for the range of precision-cut lead crystal glass and related products produced by Duha Krystal s.r.o, Czech Republic.

IRIS CRISTAL is still making crystal chandeliers where it all began – in Old Bohemia, now the Czech Republic. Our pedigree goes back to 18th century, and our techniques of mouth blowing, hand drawing and hand cutting crystal are centuries old.
Most crystal chandeliers on the market today are manufactured far away from the source of this splendid tradition. We’re delighted to be bringing our authentic old world craft to the new world.

We have more than 150 experienced professionals and facilities of more than 5000 m2 where we produce over 300 different models of lamps. At our own factory located in the heart of the Bohemia region, we combine the oldest traditions together with the most advanced and innovative technology in our production process.As manufacturers of crystal components for the lighting industry, such as arms, scrolls, bobeche’s, columns and bowls, we are able to supply and to help the best manufacturers worldwide create their new collections every year.

On the other hand, thanks to our own team of designers and our facilities in the Czech Republic and Spain, every six months we launch our own models of chandeliers which are recognized around the world because of their quality and unique design.

Our chandeliers can be seen in hotels, casinos, embassies, churches, and prestigious houses all around the world including in several prestigious buildings and royal palaces in the Middle East. We have an active repertoire of hundreds of designs from every period of crystal history and we have been launching contemporary and modern designs for more than 10 years. Some designs like Flame or Apolo are very well known among the most important interior designers.


Iris Crystal