• Type(s): Residential & Commercial

Grok is a Spanish lighting manufacturer designing and manufacturing high-quality lighting products. It is based in the village of Tora about an hour from Barcelona.

At Grok we aim to design a range of contemporary lighting products that are attractive and unconventional.
We understand that light has the capacity to affect our physical and emotional comfort, so it is essential to offer pieces to suit each space, activity and type of person.
At this point, we get involved in the entire creative process of our designers, adding value to their work as a way to achieve functional pieces that allow architects and interior designers to create unique atmospheres.

Grok, as a brand, is constantly seeking out new designers who can bring fresh ideas and concepts to light and decorate a space. Our designers strive for maximum artistic appeal in the simplicity of objects, feeling without losing functionality and attention to detail. The result is products with a novel, high-tech and timeless character.