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Linea Light

Fylo Exterior



An innovative lighting system invented for a total integration with architecture: Fylo, able to create hidden light gorgeus effects. EPS, a brand new patented material covered in special resins, allows to build strong ultralight linear outlines, completely customizable. Cutting edge fast connection LED circuits are designed for installation in suitable seats. The system, thanks to its versatility, can satisfy every planning need guaranteeing an extraordinary lighting comfort for any kind of installation. There are three possible applications, both available as wall or ceiling lamp: semi-recessed application with external and angular profile. They are customizable according to your needs and taste and allow for a pure lighting effect with no visible lamp body so that only the luminous effect can be perceived. Installation can be carried out in interior and exterior areas, where, thanks to special treatments, Fylo can be placed in the thermal insulation coating or masonry system with no loss of insulation properties.

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